About Us



Welcome to La Boheme ~ House of The Wishing Trees, where beautiful products, textiles and decorative wares for you and your home, are lovingly sourced from talented artisans across the globe.

Founded by Jo Brittles in 2015, La Boheme - translates to 'The Bohemian'- it is a business built from a personal passion for travel, people, decorative art pieces and the ever changing landscape of global beauty.

Step into my world, where beauty meets design, form meets function and art itself becomes the centrepiece and masterpiece of your world.

Each piece, sourced with love, has a story, a memory, a moment ~ and because of that, every item holds a beauty that is unique, imperfect, sometimes floored, but always mesmerising.

Get ready to write your own story, your own way, in your own style. Don't be afraid of pattern or colour or scale - embrace them all, jumble them together, create a whimsical and masterful space where your soul can rest and soar, both, at the same time.

I have no driving motive for any of my products, except to lovingly and deliberately acquire them, marvel over their splendour and ultimately, to provide them safe passage 'home'.

With Love, Jo